Awesome dating, with a bisexual friend

A guy friend of mine had the great idea for us to visit a bisexual club. He'd been before and I was curious, so I went with it. Initially we had sex in a private room with another like-minded milf. (It was our first time having Threesome Dating together). After that, we checked out other couples in private rooms. We found a couple who allowed us to watch. My friend was so turned on and I was really into it so I asked, "Can I play?" The other guy was completely into it. So as his female companion was going down on him I joined in. The girl was kind of cute and I asked her if she'd be ok if I touched her. She was into it and I went for it! She continued with her guy and I began focusing on her. I fondled her breasts, but they weren't too big so I lost interest and went lower. At this point it was go big or go home, so I just dove in head first and began licking her vagina. The next thing I know, my friend was banging me from behind. He's a bit on the small side so he was really thrusting and my teeth ended up hitting the girl's vagina. It was awkward but made for an interesting start of our night.

How DO i join in bisexual

When my bicurious friend first time chat about bisexual with me, I feel very embarrassed. But there is a growing number of bicouple and bisingle choose not to be shy and dare to disclose their special orientation today. I was interested in kinds of dating since I was in high school. After that chat, I tried to contact bisexual dating. I found that there are many bicurious around me, but usually do not speak out. I talk about bisexual with them actively and set up a relationship and began to meet more and more like-minded friends gradually. I often go to the party of bisexual with my new bicurious friends and introduce them to each other. But as the time passed, the club has been unable to meet my needs and then I began to find other open-minded people through the Internet and found many bisexual and threesome dating sites. From these sites, I meet more friends than bisexual club.

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