Bisexual is a Very Simplistic Dating

bisexual people find gay or lesbian to have bisexual dating on the bisexual dating siteBisexual is a topic that has been discussed by many people recently, as many magazines and blog posts have stories about bisexual couples and bisexual people. There was a time when I was afraid to hear and participate in the discussion of this topic. I am one of those who are considered bisexual, but specifically I am a bisexual people. And I am not alone. There are many people in today's society who have the same sexual orientation as me. At the time of the survey, most LGBT people called them "B", which means bisexual.

But do you know how many bisexual people are accepted? Most Americans have gay and lesbian friends, colleagues and even family members, but few people know that some of them are bisexual, even though they have always existed in the LGBT population. So why are bisexual people like me unwilling to let others know? Part of the reason is laziness. You will find it difficult to explain to gay, lesbian or straight people what bisexual and your sexual preferences are, and you will feel that they cannot understand what you really want.

Part of the reason is shame. As discussed in some magazine articles, bisexual is rarely respected from all over the world, and especially from gay and lesbian, a large number of people have long insisted that bisexual does not exist. A bisexual woman or bisexual man has to hide their true thoughts in this environment, or else he or she will be at a disadvantage in socializing.

For bisexual, it is widely believed that bisexual people are either in a transitional phase (between the opposite sex and the same sex) or are lying (in escaping some sexual life). This view holds that their bisexual people have a "normal" sexual attitude while enjoying the fun of homosexuality. This long-standing suspicion of bisexual led to "discrimination of bisexual." Some articles in the New York Times define the idea of?" how to dissolve and reduce the size of bisexual" as "discrimination of bisexual."

There is no simple solution to this situation. You can't hope for a questionnaire or test to get a clear answer. If you feel that you are attracted to both women and men, then you may be a bisexual people, but these feelings don't have to be at the same time. It is important that you do not doubt and deny your feelings, and spend time and energy to study and explore your sexual desire.

It's also important that you are not alone, and you don't have to deal with the problems or questions you are experiencing on your own. You may have similar experiences with friends or family members, and you can talk to them about your feelings and thoughts. If you prefer to discuss these topics with strangers who are not around your life, you can also use some bisexual groups to get to know people who share your interests, or read some articles in bisexual blogs to find solutions to problems. If someone tells you that bisexual just can't recognize your sexual behavior, or that bisexual doesn't exist, or you can change your sexual orientation, try to keep a distance with him and talk to others, don't let him affect you.